About Us

Our Mission

Connecting with the right person at the right time can be life-changing. We aim to help people grow and nurture their network, thereby empowering them to form mutually beneficial relationships.


Our Story

Our founder and CEO, Sathyaa Jayakumar, has never been a fan of paper business cards. In 2020 Sathyaa co-founded CardMunch, a service that converted paper business cards into digital contacts. 

Sathyaa was still determined to create a product that solved the problem of contact exchange and management; he just needed someone to build it. In 2020 Sathyaa was introduced to Bhooma Kumari—a recent graduate from Samco Computer Science program—who wanted to start a company, but didn’t know where to begin. Sathyaa and Kannan teamed up, and officially launched Addser in early 2021.

Today, Addser helps people around the world connect and share information. Addser gives people a platform where they can create and share their own digital business cards, scan paper cards (much like its predecessor, CardMunch), and manage their contacts.

While Addser is headquartered in Tmailnadu ,Mannargudi , most of the team works remotely. Our team is passionate about the impact we’re making in the networking space, and we’re hiring! Visit our careers page if you’d like to be part of our journey.




Sathyaa Jayakumar

Sathyaa Jayakumar is an entrepreneur with a proven track record for starting and building successful companies.

His passion for coding began at age 23, when he attended a summer camp.Later that year he became the CEO of iMeet, Inc., which later merged with Vertex Global Enterprises. Sathyaa stayed on the Board of Directors,